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Partnership starts here

Doing Business with AAM

Below you will find links to AAM's supplier portals, as well as key documents. 
AAM Anti-Corruption Policy
AAM Anti-Corruption Policy: This document consists of AAM's Anti-Corruption Policy, applicable to all AAM associates and all current or prospective AAM Suppliers, globally.
AAM Anti-Corruption Policy Acknowledgement: AAM's Compliance Department requires that all AAM suppliers and business partners execute this acknowledgement.
Code of Business Conduct
AAM Code of Business Conduct: This document outlines AAM's Code of Business Conduct.
Supplier Requirements Manual
Supplier Requirements Manual: This document consists of expectations, requirements, and standards applicable to all current or prospective AAM Suppliers globally with regard to Quality, Procurement, Engineering, Logistics, Global Trade, etc.
Global Supplier Tooling Guidelines
Global Supplier Tooling Guidelines: This document defines the AAM Global Supplier Tooling Guidelines and outlines requirements for AAM-owned or Customer-owned tooling located at a Supplier facility or facilities. 
Prospective Supplier Registration
Prospective Suppliers Onboarding Lifecycle Management FAQs: This document seeks to answer questions related to AAM’s new Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) Module, which allows Prospective Suppliers to electronically submit their information for consideration.